World's smartest painting hangout

We sell this chic picture hangers, which are based on super magnets:

  • Easy and simple.
  • Hidden suspension.
  • Up / Down adjustment - left / right - turn.
  • Pictures almost does not hang out at the top.
  • For sloping walls there is a special type.
  • Keeps at least 4.5 kg.

The pictures below show:

  1. Set of metal plate, super magnet, pins and screw.
  2. The metal plate is struck on the wall with the staples.
  3. The magnet is screwed on the back of the image so that the magnet turns downwards.
  4. Vupti - just put the picture on the wall.
  5. A picture will traditionally sound for the top - it's almost not here.
  6. It is very easy to adjust all the pictures in place so they can, for example, flush each other.
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