The nature and art of Odsherred

Map of odsherred

Odsherred has some of Denmark’s most splendid nature and is also one of Denmark’s art colonies.

And Odsherred is only a one hour drive from Copenhagen!

Odsherred contains almost every Danish type of landscape in the hilly scenery of the ice age. There are a lot of impressive views upon the unspoiled nature, which is almost entirely surrounded by ocean, bays and fjords.

Here is a varied and undulating landscape, drained fjord areas, beech forests, rugged cliffs, beaches, gentle meadows, heath land and much more.

Odsherred was in 2014 appointed to become a UNESCO geopark.

Odsherred is concurrently one of Denmark’s art colonies. This means there are a lot of local artists, exhibitions and galleries, who display exceptional art.

I would like to recommend you to visit Odsherred and the welcoming Gallery 3G, where you can take pleasure in a free cup of coffee while enjoying the 12 artists of the gallery.

Here you can receive a leaflet with (unguided) excursions in the nature in Odsherred. That way you can combine the art with a walk in the fresh air and the marvelous scenery.

The coffee you can get free in Gallery 3G.

Below some map of "hidden" paths just around Gallery 3G.

Download the maps here.

Bottom some pictures within a radius of 2 km from Gallery 3G.

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10am - 5pm
10am - 5pm
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