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 Dorte og Michael Kofod fra Galleri 3G

Gallery 3G is owned by Dorte and Michael Kofod.

We bought the farmhouse in 2010. The stable, we built into the gallery which opened in 2011.

In 2013, the first floor has also been involved in the sale rooms.

The Stable

The old stable has been changed into a charming gallery with paintings, glass art and gifts.
The stable is over 100 years old and we have tried upgrading it to retain as much of the original expression as possible.
The gallery opened spring 2011th.

Galleri 3G inde 


Downstairs has more room, so therefore it is used as exhibition with changing artists.
We have both permanent artists affiliated and guest artists, and we have continuously new exhibitions.
We choose these different artists based on their techniques, the price standard and if their style fits to our gallery’s concept and romantic style.


Besides being the part owner of the gallery, Michael is a glass artist, and he uses parts of the stable to work.
Visitors of the gallery are more than welcome to look at Michael work with his glass art. His machines are standing as a part of the exhibition.
The finished glass art exhibits on the first floor, when it is finished.


Gaveartikel i Galleri 3G
Dorte has for a long time dreamt about opening a romantic gifts shop.
This dream of hers is now possible in the Gallery 3G, where gifts are being sold as well as the exciting art.
We would love to serve a cup of coffee, and if the weather is nice, it can be drunk either on the courtyard or the garden, which has a beautiful view.


Galleri 3G udefraThe stable has been used for hosting horses and pigs, but it’s more than 30 years ago, since there have been animals in the stable.
Somehow there’re still a lot who can smell horse.
Do horses haunt?
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Parking in the courtyard.
Note that not all GPS can find us!
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